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Self-host or use our hosted service

Midspace is open-source software that you can host yourself on public cloud services. Alternatively, we offer a hosted version of Midspace.

There are no limitations to the open-source software and there's no “enterprise upgrade” option. We would love it if you are able to contribute by fixing any bugs you encounter or sponsoring the cost of continued development.

We offer a hosted version of Midspace if you would like to benefit from the cost-savings of shared cloud infrastructure (“operation at scale”) or don't feel comfortable hosting the software yourself.

Please note: To host Midspace yourself, you are going to need someone on your team that is comfortable deploying and operating AWS cloud services (including MediaLive) and various other cloud infrastructure. This is not for the faint of heart and requires continuous monitoring throughout your conference to keep the platform operational. In addition, this person will need to spend time learning how the platform works to resolve any issues that may arise - for example, a user forgetting their login or an AWS Live-stream failing to start correctly.

Book now for September 2022 onwards

We'll be back in September! Our team needed a short break from hosting conferences and we're working on a fully-self-service online checkout and onboarding. Get subscribed to be notified when our online checkout goes live!

When we return, we will have limited availability for additional support. Please contact us as early as possible to book support hours (this can be done prior to our online checkout becoming available).

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Free demo?

We are working on providing free-trial access to Midspace for anyone to try out the platform. Get subscribed to be notified when free trials are available!

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Pay for what you use

We're here to support the academic community by increasing diversity and inclusion. We can't think of a better way to do that than to drive down the cost of virtual conferences!

Midspace is a social, open-source project. You can use our hosted service or, if you have the expertise, you can run the software yourself in the cloud. Either way, it will cost you the same because we only charge you for what you use - at cost, no markup.


Pay for the cloud computing that you use - no markup, no hidden costs.


Pay by the hour for any support that you request.


Contribute to the cost of development - a one-off fixed fee based on the size of your conference.


Below are some representative examples from conferences we hosted in 2022 and 2021. While every conference varies and the exact cost of your conference will depend upon how you and your attendees use Midspace, these examples should give you a suitable guide to estimating the cost of your conference.

Larger conferences typically benefit from the increased efficiency of larger cloud infrastructure. The costs below are representative as of May 2022. If Midspace is able to host more conferences per month on a regular basis, the average cost per conference will go down as all conferences benefit from the efficiency gains. If this happens, we will update our estimates accordingly.

Cost estimator

Coming soon! Get a quick or detailed estimate of how much your conference will cost.

Billing in detail

Coming soon! We're in the process of finalising our prices for 2022 and 2023. Get subscribed for updates about our pricing over the next few months!

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Not a research conference?

We're happy to host non-research/non-academic conferences but we kindly ask that any industry-led conferences contribute to the cost of development by sponsoring us.

If you are a charity, university or similar, we cannot offer discounts or subsidies at this time. Please refer to our pricing above - we think you'll like it anyway!

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