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Sponsorship and Donations

Thank you for your interest! Please refer to the information on our Sponsorship page.


Thank you for your interest! Please refer to the information on our Host a conference page.

Need support?

Most issues can be solved quickly via our resources or by the people organizing your conference.

First, please try contacting your conference organizers. They are usually best placed to resolve your issue, whether it's about registration, connecting to an event or a bug in the software. They will also be able to tell if you they are using our hosted services or are self-hosting the Midspace software.

We are only able to assist with conferences hosted on our service. We are not able to help attendees, speakers or other users of self-hosted instances of the Midspace software (as we don't have access to such systems!) If you are unable to resolve your problem via your conference organizers and are accessing a conference hosted on our services, please contact us via our support desk.

Report bugs and feature requests

We welcome feedback from users! If you have a bug to report or an improvement to suggest, please tell us about it via GitHub.

Contribute to the code

The Midspace (formerly Clowdr) platform is 100% open source: your contributions are welcome! If you'd like to build it yourself, please clone our GitHub repo.

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Midspace is a social enterprise dedicated to creating sustainable, inclusive, and engaging conferences.

Midspace is the new name of Clowdr.

Clowdr is a UK Community Interest Company, number 12984216.

Social Enterprise UK: Certified Member We’re a certified social enterprise and a member of the national trade body, Social Enterprise UK. To find out more about social enterprise, visit “What its all about“ Clowdr’s early development was supported by the US National Science Foundation under awards CCF-2035003, CCF-2035101 and CCF-203500 and by